Health & Physical Education


FDA Kids Play games to learn about eating healthy.

Fight Bac! Learn how to fight back against foodborne illnesses.

Food Facts What makes an apple so good for you? Find out on this site!

HealthyKids Discover all about health and fitness on this great site!

KidsHealth Find information about being healthy while enjoying some interactive activities.

My Plate Games Play a lot of games about nutrition with Chef Solus!

National Alliance for Youth Sports A good site to choose when you want to learn about playing fair on your sports team!

Nutrition Blast Off Game Find your way to Planet Power by fueling your rocket with good food!

Nutrition Cafe Another informative and fun site about eating healthy sponsored by the Washington State Dairy Council.

Nutrition Explorations Learn to make delicious and healthy recipes at this site sponsored by the National Dairy Council.

Games from Nutrition Explorations Have fun learning about nutrition with these interactive games!

Track My Food Look up a food to get quick access to nutrition info for over 8,000 foods.

Physical Education

Get Active After School Use this great young person's guide to sports and activities!

The Kore Game Portal Think that you're in shape? Find out how much you are by playing these fun fitness games on this site by Kidnetic!

Sports Biographies Click on a sport to find short biographies about many famous athletes.

Sports Illustrated for Kids A sports page designed for kids, which includes news, sports trivia, games and articles.

Sport Science This is the site for kids who love science and sports. Have fun through learning.

Sportsmanship No one can really have fun playing sports when others are showing bad sportsmanship. Click here to learn how you can learn to be a good sport.

Yahooligans!Sports Read about all your favorite sports and athletes at this site sponsored by Yahooligans!

National Alliance for Youth Sports A good site to choose when you want to learn about playing fair on your sports team!

Mrs. Motta's 3rd Grade Health Encore

USDA's My Plate Find out how to eat healthily on this government site.

Mrs. Motta's 5th Grade Media Literacy Encore

Admongo Play this interactive game to determine what advertisers are really saying in their ads.

CoCo's AdverSmarts Learn how advertisers make their products attractive to kids.

Don't Buy It: Advertisements Get media the secrets of selling.

Don't Buy It: Entertainment Go behind the scenes of TV, music and magazines.

Don't Buy It: Buying Smart See through the sales pitch!

Internet Safety

Privacy Playground Join the three CyberPigs and learn with them how to protect their privacy on the Internet.

Cybersense and Nonsense In their second adventure, the CyberPigs discover what happens when others misuse the Internet and hurt other's feelings.

Top Secret! Sometimes what you post on your social networking sites can cause problems for you or other people. This site helps you post safely.


American Institute of Stress Learn how to make your life less stressful on this site.

Kids Health Here are some things you can do to get rid of stress in your life.

Kids Talk About Stress Hear what kids say about handling stress.

Teens Health: Yoga Discover what yoga is, how many different types exist and how you can benefit from doing it.

Meditation How can meditation help you be healthy? Find out on this site from the Mayo Clinic.