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Weather Underground What will the weather be like today?

Mrs. Goodman

Mrs. Goodman's Blog Site Click on this link to get into the blog!

Word Play

Free Grains of Rice Help stop world hunger and learn new words at the same time! For every word you guess the correct definition of, FreeRice will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations for people in need around the world.

Languages Say "hello" in many different languages!

Punctuation Game Test how well you use use apostrophes and commas in this fun game from Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss.

Spelling Match Play this fun spelling game to see how well you do. You can choose both your grade and difficulty level.

Tagxedo A great word cloud site.

Wordle Create cool word "clouds!"

Take a Virtual Trip

Exploratorium Explore the San Francisco Exploratorium, an interactive museum of science and art.

Fossweb Build your scientific skills on this interactive website from the University of California.

Franklin Institute Science Museum This Philidelphia museum, named after Ben Franklin, has many cool science links.

San Diego Zoo Visit this world famous zoo and learn about all kinds of animals.

Smithsonian Museum Visit the Smithsonian in Washington, learn about America's arts, history and science.

The White House Welcome to the home of our President and their families.

Games to Play

Funbrain Select from a wide variety of math games and set your own degree of difficulty.

Kid's Hub Interactive games, puzzles, quizzes and spelling activities on many topics.

Math Playground Play all sorts of fun math games including Math Hoops and Grand Slam!