Third Grade Math & Science


Create-a-Graph Make your own graphs on this interactive site!

Decimal Squares Choose and play any of these interactive decimal games!

Math is Fun! Check out this site to find out everything mathematical as well as solve some puzzles.

Stop the Clock Can you beat the clock? Drag the times on the digital clock to the times on the analog clock before the time runs out!

Manny's Rumba (Base Ten) Drag the blocks to make the number shown.

Measure It Practice using a ruler, in inches and centimeters.

Save the Math Apples Help the monkey save the apples and cross the lake! Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Begin on level 1 and decide what level is best for you.


3-D Shapes Definitions and examples of 2-D and 3-D shapes. Great to help with homework and understanding types of shapes!

Do You Know About Symmetry? Look at the shape and decide how many lines of symmetry it has.

Area and Perimeter

Shape Surveyor Answer the questions about area and perimeter to collect puzzle pieces and uncover the secret picture.


Change Game Can you give the customer the right change?


Hickory Dickory Clock Read the time and choose the matching clock so the mouse can run up and eat the cheese.

What Time Is It? Look at the analog clock and tell the time. Then pick the digital clock that shows the same time.


Water Conservation

What is Your Water Footprint? Find out how much water you use in your home by answering questions.


Biomes and Environmental Regions Click on a biome and find information about how animals adapt to that region.

Major Biomes of the World Explore all the major ecosystems around the globe.

Desert Animals and Wildlife Click on a name of a desert animal to learn how it lives in that environment.

Desert Plants and Wildflowers What plants can survive in the desert? Click here to investigate.

Electricity and Magnetism

Electrified Ben Learn about lightening from this site sponsored by the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia's wonderful science museum.

Engineering Interact Play games to learn about light, sound, forces, solar system, and electricity!

Incandescent Light Bulb Learn the history, parts and how an incandescent bulb works, then try to label the parts yourself on this interactive site.

Learning Circuits Can you figure out which items use electricity from a main source or which ones use batteries? Have fun on this site from England!

Power Play Can you build the different machines to create the power to do a task? Try it in this interactive game!

Theater of Electricity Visit the electricity exhibit at the Boston Science Museum to learn all about lightening.

Electricity & Safety

Frankenstein's Lightening Laboratory Can you find all the things these children are doing wrong with electricity?

Food Chains

Create a Food Web You can create your own food web using this interactive site. Also use this interactive site to discover how different animals get their food.

Food Chains Crossword Have fun with this interactive crossword food chains puzzle.

PlanetPals Food Chain Use this interactive food chain chart to discover what different animal groups eat.


CP'S Fun Place Make your own butterfly and play other fun games on this insect site.

Changing Cicada Ever wonder how a cicada grows? Watch this slide show to see it change!

Let's Talk About Insects Learn about what makes up an insect on this web site.

Sci for Kids Here are a bunch of great sites with stories to tell about all sorts of insects! Have fun exploring!


Landforms Find definitions of landform terms on this website.

Rocks & Minerals

Exploring Earth Use this interactive site to discover how the rock cycle works.

Rocks for Kids Learn everything you want to know about rocks and minerals on this great site!

Rock Hounds Discover how rocks are formed!


Leaf Identifier Find a leaf and don't know what kind of tree it came from? Use this site to help you discover where it came from!

A Walk in the Woods Take a virtual walk in these woods to discover changes in what you can see in the woods throughout the year.